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Symantec Backup Exec 3600 Appliance



Backup Exec 3600 Appliance offers integrated software and hardware to provide an easy, complete, and cost-effective backup solution. Quickly protect physical and virtual servers, along with applications and databases, while reducing time consuming setup and management. Maximize backup performance and storage with integrated deduplication and with V-Ray technology, reduce business downtime with bare-metal recovery and granular recovery for files and applications.

New features

New Modern, Innovative User Console Eliminate backup complexity with an easy to use, innovative user console.

Provides users with simple and intuitive management and monitoring capabilities Automatically configures policies and settings while providing full customization capabilities.

One Product Any Recovery Through a single-pass backup of virtual or physical systems, users can recover virtual machines, applications, databases, files, folders and even granular objects in seconds.

Fast granular recovery Single pass backup

Integrated Disaster Recovery Recover a failed system from bare metal to the same hardware, dissimilar hardware or to a VMware or Hyper-V guest in minutes.

Bare metal recovery Dissimilar hardware recovery Physical to virtual (P2V) conversions

Enhanced Default Configuration Increased the internal RAID 1 configured SSDs from 40 GB to 80 GB for OS volumes, added a 6 GB/second SAS host bus adapter and cable for tape-based archiving and data off-site needs, tripled the number of 1 GB/second Ethernet ports from one to three, and updated the Symantec software from Backup Exec 2010 to Backup Exec 2012.

2 x 80 GBs RAID 1 SSDs 6 GB/seconds SAS host bus adapter 3 GB/second Ethernet ports Backup Exec 2012

Key Features

All-in-one affordable data protection solution pre-packaged with Backup Exec 2012 and 5.5 TB of useable disk storage in a 1U high rack mount appliance. Integrated source/client and target side data deduplication across physical and virtual backup jobs. Easily restore an entire server, VMware or Hyper-V virtual machines, applications, files/folders or individual objects from a single pass backup in seconds. Optimized hardware ensures reliability and performance Replicate data to other Backup Exec Appliances or to other Backup Exec servers.

Key Benefits

Protect an unlimited number of servers and applications, whether physical or virtual, while reducing backup complexity with an easy to install, configure and manage backup appliance from the market leader in data protection. Manage data growth and effectively reduce data backup storage by up to 90 percent, while optimizing network utilization through integrated, built-in, high speed block level data deduplication across physical and virtual environments. Dramatically minimize downtime and data loss by rapidly recovering what you need, when you need it.   Enterprise class reliability – RAID 5 data drives, mirrored SSDs for hardened OS, redundant power supplies, battery backup on RAID controller. Provides a secondary copy of your data in the event of a system or site failure.

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Real-time Change Auditing for Your Windows Environment

Event logging and change reporting for enterprise applications and services are cumbersome, time-consuming and, in some cases, impossible using native IT auditing tools.

Fortunately there’s Quest ChangeAuditor. This solution family audits, alerts and reports on all changes and deletions made to: Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint, VMware, EMC, NetApp, SQL Server, Windows file servers and even LDAP queries against Active Directory — all in real time and without enabling native auditing. A central console eliminates the need and complexity for multiple IT audit solutions.

Rely on ChangeAuditor to help you: •Achieve your complex compliance audit challenges with built-in reports for SOX, PCI DSS, HIPAA, FISMA, SAS 70 and more •Simplify IT governance to prevent internal and external security breaches •Increase performance across the enterprise with change management software that offers detailed before and after analysis with strong controls

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